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NY Times Dining & Wine(ing)

16 Jul

In a recent piece ‘Breweries Not Too Big for Their Barrels‘ New York Times reporter Clay Risen reviews a few nanobreweries, including your favorite.

“People told us that a 2-barrel system like ours wasn’t a winning concept,” said Ethan Long, an owner of the Rockaway Brewing Company, in an old bacon plant in Long Island City. “So for our next thing, we would love to make it a 15-barrel brewery.” – NYT

Yup, you read that right. 15 Barrels!


Introducing The RBCo. Bridge Sweeper

29 Apr


Almost everyday I ride my bike over some sort of bridge, I don’t really understand how so many bottles get broken, but I see a broken bottle I think I should stop and clean it up… well today I finally did.

I have an extra-cylce with a broom and a dust pan and if you send me an email when you see a broken bottle or other possible flat tire creating roadside debris I’ll try and clean it up, because I’m tired of just riding by and thinking who the heck is going to stop and clean it up. Well now I am.

Send me an email with the date and time with a brief description of were the needed cleanup is and I’ll try and get to it ASAP.

– Marcus


18 Apr


A few nights ago Ethan swung by Mugs Ale House to chat with the members of the Malted Barley Appreciation Society homebrew club. The talk was recently featured on WFMU’s Beer Hear! radio show.

Listen here.

Growler Station: New Hours

28 Mar

Great news for brew lovers local to Queens/Brooklyn! Our growler station will now be open for extended hours during the warmer months. During these hours please feel free to stop by and refill your growler, chat, sample new brews or just say ‘Hi’ to Flint (our new station manager).

If you’re lucky you might catch Ethan or Marcus and get a peek at the shiny innards of our brew house.


Readying the Brew Bike

18 Mar


We definitely don’t want to be caught off guard when summer rolls around, so we’ve been getting the brew bike ready to ride around various ‘hoods and distribute samples of our summer ales.

Beer Week is Alsmost Over but Don’t be Bummed

2 Mar


On Thursday we continued our Beer Week festivities at Sunswick and had a great time in the company of other beer heads. Tomorrow we’ll close out the 10-day week at Birreria on the Eataly roofspace. When all of these beer shenanigans are over you should still feel more than welcome at our growler room which is now open daily 4-8PM weekdays, 1-4PM weekends!

Opening Night Was A Blast!

24 Feb


If (like the fan pictured above) you were there rocking one of our cool tats, then you know exactly what we mean. And if you weren’t, well you have many other opportunities to hang with us during NYC Beer Week. Tonight we are at Matt Torrey’s in Williamsburg. Come by and say ‘Hi!’