The People’s Choice* OR LL Rock B**

8 Oct

How do you explain the craft brew experience to hundreds of tasters queued up to try your beer? You don’t. You just pour them a glass. That’s all it took to become the hit at Brooklyn Pour this weekend. Decoding the acronym E.S.B., explaining what it means to drink ‘unfiltered’ beer, or even going on and on about the fact that although there is the word “bitter” in the name, the beer is ultimately not really that bitter… None of that mattered. What it really came down to was the taste test. And everyone that tried it, even those who thought they hated bitter beer, loved our E.S.B.

The Brooklyn Pour event featured lots of great breweries, distillers, food vendors and even one stand hawking DIY brewing kits. We were stationed between our wild and crazy friends at Harlem Brewing Company and the reserved gin guys from Greenhook Ginsmiths.

There was lots of great humor at our bar as we schmoozed with first-time tasters, industry experts and fans who returned to top-up their 2 ounce shooters.

Some had much to say about our connection to Long Island City, and a few became nostalgic about the Rockaways their parents grew up in, but that they themselves have never returned to. But most of the conversation centered on where and when patrons could their get their hands on something more substantial than a mouthful from a shot glass.

*By our own estimations. **Why LL Rock B? C’mon, did you see our lead image?

Check out more pictures from the event below:


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