RBCo. at Brooklyn Brewery

23 May

If a picture says a thousand words, then the one above says “I love your beer!” over and over again. That was the general sentiment of the patrons who sampled our special Summer Pale Ale at last night’s inaugural NYC Brewers Guild event hosted at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Introduced by Jeremy Cowan as the first brewery in Queens (debatable), the smallest brewery present (true), and the newest brewery in New York City (for that moment at least), we began our night with a tasting by Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster. After a sniff and a healthy swig he kindly commented, “Nice notes”. To which we quietly intoned We’re not worthy!

While Ethan chatted about hop content, brewhouse capacity and NYC’s re-instated brew tax with beer geeks (They’re hopping mad!), Dez worked the tap filling glass after glass for eager tasters. We were in good company at the event with Six Point, Bronx Brewery, Harlem Brewing Company and some guys in the development stages of opening a brewery on City Island representing the other four boroughs.

As the night progressed and we started to notice familiar faces returning for refills and decided to secretly reward our most die hard fan a with a surprise gift of one of our brand new tees. It was a toss-up between the cute Pale Ale connoisseur who took up residence at our bar and kept ushering friends over to sample our beer, and the guy who flew in from Chicago for the event and kept trying to convince us to have him take a keg back home.

But in the end, when Cute Connoisseur candidly revealed that she was a Rockaway surfer who frequented the concessions at Beach 96th street where our beer will be on tap this summer, she won hands down. Hey what can we say, we’re biased. And we like keeping things local anyways.


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