Best Beer 2012 (according to Esquire)

18 May

So some guy over at Esquire magazine was given a daunting task and an unlimited expense account. His challenge? Find the best beer brew released during the seasonal months of 2011 and 2012.

We imagine that if he took his job seriously he’d have filled the cells of his rented Chevy Volt and driven cross-country, stopping at all the local large- and small-scale breweries along the way. We doubt he did this though. As a matter of fact we have a feeling he woke at around 9AM every morning, commuted by subway to his nondescript Manhattan office and simply opened up the beer-filled courier packages awaiting him that day. Tough job right? “Hey, pass the nachos…”

As far as Mr. Esquire’s review goes, we’re most happy to see our local friends over at Sixpoint getting a nod for their hopped up Resin. There were also a few brews we’d never heard off, most notably the ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ 8-Bit Ale (pictured above) from Tallgrass Brewing Co. Have a look at the list, it covers over 20 brews. If you like what we’re doing over here at RBCo. leave a comment at Esquire’s article about our beer.


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