Best beer scene TV or film

13 May

It’s the kind of thing you talk about at the end of a long day washing kegs, making wort and pitching yeast. And the Academy award goes to… Well at first it was pretty difficult decide. So to deliberate we threw a dub record on the turntable, popped a couple pints of our ESB and 3 songs into it came to the obvious answer…

It has to be the ‘Rasta Takeover’ scene from the reggae film Rockers. The film’s protagonist Horse Mouth and good friend Dirty Harry enter an uptown club and sit at a table already topped with a bottle of Dragon Stout and glass of wine. When asked to leave Dirty Harry instead takes over the sound booth switching the music from American disco to something more appealing to himself… rockers. “Remove ya!”

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen this, watch the clip below on YouTube, and then order the DVD from Netflix. The rest of the film is equally as good.




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