NY Times Dining & Wine(ing)

16 Jul

In a recent piece ‘Breweries Not Too Big for Their Barrels‘ New York Times reporter Clay Risen reviews a few nanobreweries, including your favorite.

“People told us that a 2-barrel system like ours wasn’t a winning concept,” said Ethan Long, an owner of the Rockaway Brewing Company, in an old bacon plant in Long Island City. “So for our next thing, we would love to make it a 15-barrel brewery.” – NYT

Yup, you read that right. 15 Barrels!

Keg Heaven

27 May


“While over at New York Design Week they have the Progetto Barrique (with the swing we loved here) with designers repurposing reclaimed casks… here in London, there’s a similar project upcycling beer barrels! This is one of my favorite projects from May Design Series, “The end of the Big Beer Barrel” from Switzerland-based Yask.” – NotCot

Battle of the Brews!

22 May

We’ll need your support at the Bronx versus Queens brew events next week! Come see your favorite breweries battle it out in head to head competition. Check out the details below:



Our New Look!

22 May


We’ve launched a new website at http://rockawaybrewco.com/. This might be your first real introduction to us. So have a look, poke around and let us know if you find any bugs. We suggest scrolling down to RBCo. Radio, cuing up some tunes and then browsing.


The Beer ‘Universe’

20 May


This is pretty amazing …

“To understand the depth of the infographics in this post, you have to start by swallowing a somewhat odd concept: Jamieson has developed analytical algorithms that actually reason through space. Just like you might place a point on a 2-D or 3-D grid, Jamieson actually arranges traits of a beer–from very specific text descriptions he’s scraped from reviews, like “grapefruity” or “piney,” to very hard, scientific measurements of maltiness and bitterness–into six simultaneous dimensions.” – Fast Co.